All hail the rock docs!
Rocking doctors (from l.) William Winter, John Boggess, Nimesh Nagarsheth, Joanie Hope, John Soper and William Robinson practice for gig. Six women’s cancer docs are practicing more than medicine – they’re rehearsing songs for an upcoming album.

The band N.E.D., named after the most hopeful diagnosis a doctor can give a patient – “no evidence of disease” – formed to provide entertainment at a conference of the Society of Gynecological Oncology last spring.

The positive response prompted more gigs – and now a record deal.

NYU Medical Center oncology fellow Dr. Joanie Hope, who wrote and sings “Rhythm Heals,” said her song aims to inspire patients.

“It encompasses what we’re all about,” said Hope. “There are many ways to heal beyond what we do as doctors. My patients teach me that all the time.”

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