Whenever a CD is recorded in support of a noble cause — whether it’s universal health insurance in the United States, combating illiteracy in developing countries, or reducing domestic violence — some reviewers are reluctant to offer an honest critique of the music itself. Understandably, they have a hard time saying anything negative about someone who is, for example, doing a lot to help poor children in Somalia. But in the case of N.E.D., one can both support their cause and their music with a straight face, because this 2009 release is quite solid. The cause that N.E.D. (a band consisting of six board-certified oncologists) are devoting themselves to is raising awareness of gynecologic cancer (that is, cancers of the female reproductive organs, such as ovarian or uterine cancer), and most of their music is best described as folk-rock/adult alternative with a somewhat psychedelic edge.

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