Oncologists by day, rock stars by night
In many ways, the N.E.D. concert on July 10 in a hotel ballroom near Union Station was like any rock show: The band ripped through a loud, 90-minute set, the booze flowed and the rowdy crowd cheered and danced. But the members of N.E.D. specialize in something other than music. They are six gynecologic oncologists, meaning they treat women with uterine, cervical, ovarian and other reproductive cancers, and their music is a way to raise cancer awareness.The band’s name stands for No Evidence of Disease, the phrase that cancer patients hope to hear after treatment.“GYN cancers are not things people talk about in our culture, and they’re woefully underfunded and misunderstood,” said John Boggess, who sings and plays guitar and keyboard in the band when he’s not working at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. “We really believe that we’re starting a conversation. Because there are worse things than getting cancer, and that’s feeling isolated and without help and understanding.”

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