When Your Doctor Is a Rock Star: Oncologists Make Music for Cancer

If there is an upside to having gynecological cancer, it may involve bragging that your doctor is a rock star — and meaning it.

That’s what one giddy patient does in the trailer for an upcoming documentary about N.E.D., a rock band made up of six gynecological oncologists. Short for No Evidence of Disease, N.E.D. began as a way to spice up a scientific meeting. The band subsequently snagged a record deal and worked with one of David Bowie’s former producers on an album, Six Degrees,that was released over the summer. The title is a witty reference to interconnectedness as well as the six medical degrees conferred on the band members.

“Patients feel like we are their band,” says John Boggess, an associate professor of gynecological oncology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who contributes vocals, guitar and harmonica. “They feel the same way we do, that no one is talking about their experience, no one is talking about their cancers.”

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