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No Evidence of Disease (N.E.D) play the Aladdin on Saturday

N.E.D., one of the world’s most unlikely rock groups, has had a lot going on over the past year. Since their exhilarating performance at the Aladdin Theater in January of 2011, the band has released their first full-length album and nearly completed being subjects of a documentary film about the group’s improbable story. This coming Saturday, N.E.D.’s six members will converge on Portland for another Aladdin show.

The musicians, who live scattered across the country, are all practicing gynecologic oncologists. While these doctors have serious day jobs treating cancer, they also have a serious commitment to their music. The band is run not-for-profit in alliance with Marjie’s Fund, an Oregon nonprofit dedicated to education, awareness and research of gynecologic cancer. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that you’ll be hearing a bunch of cancer songs. N.E.D.’s original music is all about life, relationships and human emotion. Influenced by rock from the ’70s-90′s with RnB, funk and folk underpinnings, N.E.D.’s songs have a broad sonic palette and a powerful presence.

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