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Living With Cancer: Dancing With N.E.D.

The vocalist begins her song with people shocked by a diagnosis they cannot accept, women not yet ready to admit they have cancer.

Starts with denial, there must be some mistake;
Check the name, check the lab, double-check the date.

While electric guitars and percussion join in, the lyrics of the song,“Third-Person Reality,” go on to describe turbulent anger, tension and fear that can only be eased by acceptance.

Measure success one day at a time
Together we’ll get to a better place
If you place your hand in mine.

The symbol of women with cervical, endometrial, ovarian, peritoneal, tubal, vaginal, and vulvar cancers— a teal ribbon—often goes unrecognized, but these patients do have their own rock band. Through the driving rhythms of folk-rock, the band members of N.E.D. accompany a refrain made especially meaningful by the fact that they are all surgeons who treat patients with gynecological cancers. The group started as a cover band to entertain doctors at a 2008 meeting of the Society of Gynecological Oncologists. Since then they have taken on a mission “to break through the silence of women’s gynecological cancer.” In the process, they have produced two albums to raise awareness and money for research.

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