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NED, A Vibrant Band Of Doctors Rocking For Women With Cancer

N.E.D. is a doctor’s old shorthand for remission. It’s also the name of a rock band that’s breaking the silence surrounding gynecological cancers, conditions that some women still hesitate to mention: cancer of the cervix, ovary, uterus, vagina and vulva.

No Evidence of Disease is what an oncologist might say when there’s no sign of malignancy in a person who’s had cancer treatment. After a “clean” scan or a bone marrow test, it’s a phrase many patients love to hear. Or scream.

If you watch NED perform, you might appreciate this phenomenon. The band’s vibrancy is driven in part by its unusual relationship with the audience. The musicians are all board-certified specialists in women’s cancers. Many of their followers, or Nedheads, have been affected by cancer. When the doctors get on stage, people smile and start dancing. When it’s time for an encore, you can hear old women shouting “NED! NED! NED!”

It’s hard not to like this band.

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N.E.D. band making waves while bringing attention to breast, gynecological cancers

The words medicine and music seem worlds away from one another. However, there is a group of medical doctors who are bridging the gap between science and art in hopes of raising awareness to a cause — women’s breast and gynecological cancers. The rock band N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease) is a group of six GYN doctors.

“We met at an annual meeting of women’s cancers,” N.E.D. drummer/ percussionist and Director of Gynecological Oncology and Associate Director of Robotic Surgery at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center Nimesh P. Nagarsheth said. “In between these academic sessions, music equipment was put on stage … for us to blow off some steam. Afterwards, we started emailing back and forth to each other and we decided to learn a few cover songs.”


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No Evidence of Disease (N.E.D) play the Aladdin on Saturday

N.E.D., one of the world’s most unlikely rock groups, has had a lot going on over the past year. Since their exhilarating performance at the Aladdin Theater in January of 2011, the band has released their first full-length album and nearly completed being subjects of a documentary film about the group’s improbable story. This coming Saturday, N.E.D.’s six members will converge on Portland for another Aladdin show.

The musicians, who live scattered across the country, are all practicing gynecologic oncologists. While these doctors have serious day jobs treating cancer, they also have a serious commitment to their music. The band is run not-for-profit in alliance with Marjie’s Fund, an Oregon nonprofit dedicated to education, awareness and research of gynecologic cancer. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that you’ll be hearing a bunch of cancer songs. N.E.D.’s original music is all about life, relationships and human emotion. Influenced by rock from the ’70s-90′s with RnB, funk and folk underpinnings, N.E.D.’s songs have a broad sonic palette and a powerful presence.

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When Your Doctor Is a Rock Star: Oncologists Make Music for Cancer

If there is an upside to having gynecological cancer, it may involve bragging that your doctor is a rock star — and meaning it.

That’s what one giddy patient does in the trailer for an upcoming documentary about N.E.D., a rock band made up of six gynecological oncologists. Short for No Evidence of Disease, N.E.D. began as a way to spice up a scientific meeting. The band subsequently snagged a record deal and worked with one of David Bowie’s former producers on an album, Six Degrees,that was released over the summer. The title is a witty reference to interconnectedness as well as the six medical degrees conferred on the band members.

“Patients feel like we are their band,” says John Boggess, an associate professor of gynecological oncology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who contributes vocals, guitar and harmonica. “They feel the same way we do, that no one is talking about their experience, no one is talking about their cancers.”

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Oregon Music News

oregon music news

Album: N.E.D. brings their music to a new level with ‘Six Degrees’

This summer, rock group N. E. D. (No Evidence of Disease) reached a major milestone on the road to legitimacy by releasing their first full-length studio album titled Six Degrees. The CD is so named to reflect the interconnectedness of all people by making reference to the proverbial “six degrees of separation” but is also a reference to the fact that all six band members have medical degrees.

N.E.D. is composed of six gynecologic oncologists who want to raise awareness about cancers of the female reproductive organs while also fulfilling their childhood dreams of being rock stars.

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