Two gynecologic oncology surgeons from UNC Women’s Hospital are preparing for a big debut. They landed a record deal and are about to release their first album.Their band is appropriately titled No Evidence of Disease,” and the money they raise goes to help fight cancer in women.

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“We were first put together as a novelty to play at one of our society meetings. The idea was to sort of lighten up our big conferences,” explained band member Dr. John Boggess.

Boggess and Dr John Sopher make up the group with four other doctors from around the country.

“We all thought about it and thought this could be fun,” Boggess explained. “None of us really knew each other that well so we over the internet put together a song list everybody practiced on their own and we put together 20 cover tunes.”

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Whenever a CD is recorded in support of a noble cause — whether it’s universal health insurance in the United States, combating illiteracy in developing countries, or reducing domestic violence — some reviewers are reluctant to offer an honest critique of the music itself. Understandably, they have a hard time saying anything negative about someone who is, for example, doing a lot to help poor children in Somalia. But in the case of N.E.D., one can both support their cause and their music with a straight face, because this 2009 release is quite solid. The cause that N.E.D. (a band consisting of six board-certified oncologists) are devoting themselves to is raising awareness of gynecologic cancer (that is, cancers of the female reproductive organs, such as ovarian or uterine cancer), and most of their music is best described as folk-rock/adult alternative with a somewhat psychedelic edge.

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Cancer surgeons rock out, score record deal

Each member of a new rock band in town has hands steady as a surgeon’s – because they are surgeons, treating women with gynecological cancers.

The members of the band N.E.D. combine their musical hobbies with their real-life, life-saving jobs. And the musicians say their band has a mission they take seriously.

“It’s not a gimmick. It’s not a joke,” said Dr. John Boggess, a gynecological surgeon at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill.

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The Oregonian


Cancer docs form rock’n’roll band and land a record deal
William Winter is a Portland-area surgeon who specializes in the often overlooked area of cancers afflicting women. He treats cancers that tend to be especially insidious and deadly. He’s dedicated to raising awareness of ovarian, cervical and endometrial cancers.

And he likes to rock.

Winter may be known in oncology circles for his expertise in women’s cancers, but it’s his role in a new rock band that’s drawing some national attention. Winter, 38, an oncologist at Northwest Cancer Specialists, is the lead guitarist for a band made up of six rocking cancer doctors from around the country.

Their band name alone — N.E.D. — is music to a patient’s ears. It’s doc-speak for “no evidence of disease.”

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New York Daily News


All hail the rock docs!
Rocking doctors (from l.) William Winter, John Boggess, Nimesh Nagarsheth, Joanie Hope, John Soper and William Robinson practice for gig. Six women’s cancer docs are practicing more than medicine – they’re rehearsing songs for an upcoming album.

The band N.E.D., named after the most hopeful diagnosis a doctor can give a patient – “no evidence of disease” – formed to provide entertainment at a conference of the Society of Gynecological Oncology last spring.

The positive response prompted more gigs – and now a record deal.

NYU Medical Center oncology fellow Dr. Joanie Hope, who wrote and sings “Rhythm Heals,” said her song aims to inspire patients.

“It encompasses what we’re all about,” said Hope. “There are many ways to heal beyond what we do as doctors. My patients teach me that all the time.”

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